1. How long does camp last?
Program Name Check In Check Out
Galactic Summer Camp Sunday 1-4 pm Saturday after 10:30 am graduation
Semester Space Explorers with Robotics Sunday 1-4 pm Friday after 9:00 am graduation
Semester Space Explorers Program Sunday 1-4 pm Friday after 9:00 am graduation
Family Space Camp Friday 5-6 pm Sunday after 11:00 am graduation
Outer Space Adventure Friday 3-4 pm Sunday after 9:00 am graduation

(*)Please note that we offer customized programs. Check in and check out times will differ from those above.

2. What is the difference between the programs?

All of our programs are offered in English and Turkish primarily for ages 9-15.

Galactic Summer Camp is similar to the school year programs, but includes more social time such as pool activities, special events night, and BBQ party in our recreational park.

3. Can I make a teammate request?

Yes, please let us know when you register. Requests must be mutual, so please make sure the friend requests your child as well. We strive to honor all requests but they are not guaranteed.

4. Must my child have a certain grade average to attend?

No.  The only requirements are language proficiency and the desire to learn and have fun.

5. Who will be responsible of my child? What are your requirements for staff members?

Our education staff (Turkish and International) consists of college graduates and undergraduates. Some are education majors in astronomy and physics, while others are pursuing masters and doctorate degrees in various education programs. They must also demonstrate they can work well with children before assuming a staff position.

6. If I would like to attend the Family Space Camp, will my child be with me at night?

If you attend our Family Space Camp program and are of the same gender you will be housed in the same dormitory. If you and your child are different genders (male-female) then you and your child will be staying in separate dormitories.

7. Is someone responsible for the campers overnight?

Yes, there is always a responsible counselor on duty overnight as well as a supervisor if there are any problems.

8. My child has dietary restrictions-i.e. Vegetarian, vegan, no caffeine allowed, etc. Can the meals be tailored to the child’s dietary restrictions?

Yes, if your child has any dietary restrictions please write it on the ‘health form’ so we may notify our kitchen staff. We try to accommodate trainees with special dietary requirements. If the requirement exceeds our capabilities, trainees are welcome to bring their own food and/or pay the additional cost of meeting those needs.

9. My child takes medication on a daily basis. Will he/she be able to take it regularly?

The nurse will administer all medicine as prescribed on the package. A medical doctor is available during normal working hours at Space Camp’s eight-bed clinic. An emergency on-call doctor as well as the clinic’s nursing staff and ambulance services are available 24 hours a day.

10. How much money should my child bring to camp?

The amount of money to bring is up to you. All meals are included in the tuition cost after check in and before graduation. We have vending machines if the students would like to buy chips, candy bars or ice cream.

11. In case of an emergency, how may I contact my child?

You may call +90 232 252 3500. Our 24- hour security guard will answer and notify the supervisor on duty to locate your child.

12. During the program may I take my child out of camp?

No.  When your child registers during check-in, they become a team member and are expected to participate throughout the program. We want your child to get a true “away from home” experience, therefore we discourage your child from leaving our facility unless it is a family emergency.

13.How is transportation provided to the camp?

If requested, participants' transportation to the camp from the International Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport or bus terminal may be provided by Space Camp Turkey uniformed officers. Transportation fees are not included in the program fees. You can contact our reservation department to arrange your transportation.

14.Can attendees use their cell phone during camp?

Participants can only make calls from their mobile phones they bring with them (or from the phone calls on campus) at the time intervals defined as "Prep for day" and "Back to bays" in the program. Mobile phones, tablets, cameras, cameras, etc. are not covered by the insurance but are completely the responsibility of the participants. If lost or stolen, Space Camp Turkey and the Aegean Free Zone can not be held accountable in any way.

15.What should my child take with him/her to the camp?

Participants will wear the clothes they bring with them. It is recommended to bring the following when coming to the camp.

  • Padlock (sold in our camp)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant, soap, shower gel, shampoo, comb / brush, hair dryer
  • Night clothes, pajamas, underwear, daily clothes
  • Socks, sports shoes, bathing slippers
  • Seasonal jacket, raincoat
  • Sun cream, swimsuit, bone (for summer camp programs)
  • A pay phone card for pay phone (sold in our camp)
  • Coins for automatic vending machines (such as biscuits, drinks)

16.How is security at Space Camp Turkey provided?

Space Camp Turkey is located within the Aegean Free Zone *. Customs inspections are carried out by officers at the entrance and exit of the region. Senior camp staff and a specialized security staff are on-site or on call 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week when camp is in session to ensure the safety of all campers. At no time are campers allowed off site individually or as a group without an accompanying adult. Off-site trips are limited to those included in the program curriculum. Security of personal items is the camper's responsibility. Campers will be assigned a locker to store items of value; however, we suggest that campers do not bring items of high value to camp.

(*)Free zones are special zones that are designed to increase export-oriented investments that are outside the customs territory but within the political boundaries of a country. Since 1990, Aegean Free Zone is a private sector organization with the "Build-Operate-Transfer" model and is operated by Space Camp Turkey's main founder ESBAS Company.

17. May I visit my child during the program?

We understand you will miss your child while he or she is attending camp. However, we do not allow visits while camp is in session so that your child may have a true ‘away-from-home’ experience. We do encourage parents to attend graduation ceremonies and will make special arrangements for visitation in case of family emergencies.

18. What are the discounts?

Sibling Discount

When more than one child from the same family attends Galactic summer program at the same time, one child will attend at full tuition and each additional child will receive a 10% discount. In order to receive the discount, both family members (brother/sisters) need to fax or email copies of their identity cards to the Reservations Department.

Government Employee (federal, state, local and military) Discount

10% discount for children of current and retired Turkish government employees who reside in Turkey and would like to attend the Galactic Summer Camp, Semester Space Explorers, or Semester Space Explorers with Robotics. Government employees must be classified as a 657 or 926 employee. The government employee needs to fax or email a copy of his employment identity card to the Reservations Department.

Early Bird Discounts

10% Individual Discount for Galactic Summer Camp if you register and pay full by April 30, 2015. Applicants must reside in Turkey. Please inform our Reservations Department which date you would like to attend.

Graduate Discount

10% Graduate Discount for participants that have participated in one of our accommodated camp programs. Please fax, mail or email a copy of your program certificate, along with your preferred session dates, to our Reservations Department.

Partner School Science Program (PSSP) Discount

15% PSSP discount for participants attending the Galactic Summer Camp “E-Pal Week.” Please fax, mail or email a letter signed by the school`s PSSP coordinator authenticating you are a PSSP participant to our Reservations Department. For more information about PSSP please visit here

Other Discounts

Space Camp Turkey offers special discounts for certain programs with groups of 15 participants or more. However, our online registration cannot be used for group reservations. For more information and available program dates please call our reservations department at +90 232 252 35 00, ext. 302.

  • Galactic Summer Camp. 15% Group Discount, one chaperone free, for group of 15 students who reside in Turkey. Register and pay in full by 30 April, 2015. (Group members can have only 10% Group Discount after the early bird deadline)
  • Semester Space Explorers and Semester Space Explorers with Robotics. 10% Group Discount, one chaperone free, for group of 15 students who reside in Turkey.
19. Is it possible to combine a 10%, 15% or 20% discount with a sibling discount?

No. Applicants may only take advantage of one discount.

20. Shouldn’t it say ENGLISH instead of Turkish? For example: the text reads: Who can attend the Turkish Galactic Summer Camp?

All applicants who have a good understanding of the written and verbal Turkish language may attend this program.