(Ages 9 and Above)

Date Ages Price
English July-August 9 and Above $24/Person
Turkish July-August 9 and Above $18/Person
    • Students in the 9-12 age group can only participate in the program together with their parents and / or adults older than 18 years. An adult / parent can participate with more than one student or a student with more than one adult / parent.
    • Participants over the age of 13 can participate in the program on their own.
    • Prices are subject to change.
    • Participants do not use simulators.
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Astro-Tour Activities

The participants will be informed about the subjects below:

  • Characteristics of the Sun and the planets in the solar system
  • NASA designed Astronaut Training Simulators
  • Presentation of the sky in digital planetarium
  • Constellations and how they are classified
  • Observation of the sky with professional telescope
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    • 19.45 Arrival / Program Orientation

    • 20.00 Solar System via Magic Planet

    • 20.30 Training Center Tour*

    • 20.45 Positional Astronomy in the Digital Planetarium

    • 21.45 Sky Map Workshop

    • 22.30 Planet and Star Observation with a Telescope**

    • 23.00 Departure