The Galactic Summer Camp program scheduled for June 24-30 will be presented under the theme of "Asteroid Week".

Special events that will differentiate this week from other summer camp programs are planned and the aim is to raise awareness about asteroids. The most important event will be Ege University Science Faculty, Astronomy and Space Science Department Head, Professor Serdar Evren's presentation on "Celestial Bodies Threatening Our World".

Asteroids, comets, meteorites and much more…

During the June 24-30 session, which will be presented under the theme of “Asteroid Week”, along with Professor Serdar Evren's presentation other special events are planned as well. With applied exercises, participants will be taught that the celestial bodies which hit the Earth can be traced back to the formation of the Solar System since they were not exposed to changes due to the weather conditions, volcanoes and earthquakes on Earth. Students participating in this week, where the “Asteroid Mission Extreme” movie is scheduled to be shown at the Digital Planetarium, will also learn about asteroids, comets, meteorites as well as the important properties and space missions related with their exploration.

What is the Asteroid Day?

Asteroids are celestial objects that can be of carbon or metal origin, and are mostly between Mars and Jupiter. The Asteroid Day is a global campaign designed to inform people about the hazards that asteroids can cause by striking Earth and what we can do to protect our planet, our family and our society from these effects. It is celebrated on the anniversary of the explosion in the Tunguska region of Siberia on June 30, 1908, with the decision taken by the United Nations General Assembly.