University Student Tour

(Ages 18-25)

Date Ages Price
English December 18-25 $20/Person
Turkish December 18-25 $15/Person
    • This program applies to university students aged between 18-25 years old
    • An attendance certificate is presented after completed program
    • Programs are conducted by a native English speaker
    • Participants do not use simulators
    • Prices are subject to change
    • Reservations are limited
    • Minimum number of participants is 16 persons
    • Maximum number of participants is 32 persons
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University Student Tour Activities

Participants observe how astronauts train for space travel through observation of our:

  • NASA-designed astronaut simulators
  • Simulated space station mission
  • Viewing constellations and a virtual night sky with our Digital Planetarium


    • 09.00 Arrival / Program Orientation

    • 09.15 Training Center Tour*

      Multi-Axis Trainer
      Space Station Mobility Trainer
      1/6th Gravity Chair
      Zero-Gravity Wall
      Manned Maneuvering Unit
      5 Degrees of Freedom Chair

    • 09.45 Space Station Space Mission Orientation Position Selection

    • 10.00 Space Station Space Mission Orientation

    • 10.30 Space Station Mission

    • 11.30 Planetarium

    • 12.15 Simulator Show

    • 12.30 Departure