Parent | Greece

My name is Maria Papadopoulou and I am the mother of Frank Psalidas who attended Space Camp Turkey for four summers. At the age of 12, he was awarded a scholarship to be a member of the Athens, Greece delegation to participate in the six day program. Both his father, Petros Psalidas and I were very enthusiastic about the opportunity to take part in the program and meet other team members from the Athens area, but most of all to work with teenagers from four other countries who would be a part of the multicultural team that he would be placed on. This was the first time that Frank would be away from home without his parents, but our concerns were unfounded. When we would call and he barely had time to say hello when he would say “I have to go. I have many things to do here, Mom!” After returning from his first SCT adventure, Frank told us that he wanted to return the following summer and saved his own money to pay for the tuition and plane fare. The same thing happened the following two summers. As the “senior SCT alumna”, Frank acted as a student leader and gave his own personal, verbal testimonials at information sessions for interested parents and their children. The third summer that he was a part of the Athens delegation he set a goal . . . he wanted to be selected as the Outstanding Camper of the Week and return to Greece with his medal and certificate. He realized his dream and to this day is proud of his SCT award and his medal. These SCT adventures had a profound positive impact on his life. One year he was asked to write a composition in his English class about a life changing experience. SCT was the subject of this essay. When Frank and I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark where I was working in conjunction with a two year academic grant, Frank wanted to promote SCT to the school administration in Copenhagen and the students there. It was a venture he felt very strongly about. Unfortunately to his disappointment, it did not materialize. SCT was not only educational, but was instrumental in the development of his character and his ability to work as a part of a multicultural team.

Teacher | Qatar Academy Sidra

28 years ago I attended Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. It has been a privilege to bring students to Space Camp Turkey – which has a great facility, staff and service!

Parent | Mersin, Turkey

First of all, I would like to thank you for hosting my son with sincerity, love and respect during the camp session, for keeping an eye on him and for being his family during the week.

I would also like to thank the Moon Team Leader Esra for being able to be my son’s sister in such a short time.

Thank you for opening up big horizons in front of my son, allowing him to make new lasting friendships and collect wonderful memories.

Thank you thousands of times for everything.

Primary School Principal | ENKA Schools İstanbul

Dear Mr. Woodham,

I meant to write this letter earlier. However, I could find the time at the end of our school year. So please accept my apologies for that.

As the principal of Enka Schools I am writing to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding hospitality you showed to our students as well as for the engaging learning activities your team provided during their space camp trip in May. Both students and teachers returned from the camp very happy and inspired. Following the trip students kept talking about the wonderful experiences they had there. Their conversations were about astronauts, rockets, telescopes, planetarium, and space mission etc.

It is very obvious that you have a very good program and wonderful staff there. Thank you for making learning engaging, significant, inspirational and fun.

Once again we extend our warmest thanks to you, to Cigil Hanim and to other staff.

I hope one day we have a chance to meet you in person. Also, we would be honored to have you visit our school.

Sincerely yours.

Year 5 Teacher MEF International School,Izmir

I recently returned from our three day, two night Space Camp Program. I would like to thank Space Camp staff for the excellent experience that my students (and myself) enjoyed whilst there.

We had two fantastic counselors, Lex and Hatice. Lex has an excellent rapport with the students and he 'made' Space Camp for them. He is well mannered, knowledgeable, has good classroom management and a joy for the kids/teachers to be around. I look forward to returning next year and having him as our counselor again.

Hatice was also excellent with classroom management and building a rapport with the students. Her English was fantastic and the girls enjoyed having her as their counselor in the dorms.

I believe that the counselors are vital to the success of the trip for the students. We were lucky to have two of the best!

Thank you to everyone at Space Camp for all the work you do!

Student | USA

Space Camp Turkey was an amazing, once-in-a lifetime opportunity. I got to meet new people, try new foods, and expand my knowledge about space. There were many hands-on activities and simulators that taught us more about space and we did many team building exercises. I would recommend this camp to anybody, even if you don’t have an interest in space, because by the end of the week, you will.

British International School Istanbul

Dear Beth,

On behalf of the BISI team, thank you for all you work to make Space Camp the highlight of the year for our year 5 kids. They loved it, as they always love it. They talk about it for years. 

I am still working on Michael Tarbuk to get him to send the year 8 students. Word has it that he can't do anything 2016-2017 as it is already organised, but the following year is a possibility, if he hasn't forgotten about it by then. 

I really noticed this year that Lex, Derek and Cara, in my opinion are the strongest team you have ever had in the 5 years that I have been attending. They were fantastic. As always the kids responded with their usual warmth to the trio but I noticed from a teacher perspective that they really have their discipline and manner with the kids really working beautifully. 

I would love to see all 3 again next year. They have a wonderful synergy. 

I really can't single out any of the team, because they were such a fantastic team. The three of them are so different in their approach but so professional. I love it. Lex jumps in and sorts things out instantly, the kids love him so much, Derek is always checking what the teachers want and Cara being such a sensitive fun-loving person with the kids but also having the ability to point out boundaries when necessary. These guys really work well as a team. So I'd like them all to stay and teach my kids next year. 

Beth I have sent a message to my boss to book for next year. I will get on to her and get back to you with our dates asap.

Thanks Beth for such a wonderful week. 

Dave Scarff

Space Camp Turkey Alumni 2002 | Engineer;

Hi Beth,
During Middle School, I have had the wonderful experience to participate in the Space Academy Program which has been part of my motivation to work in the space sector. During my stay at Space Camp Turkey, I got to meet the wonderful instructors and learn some of the most fundamental knowledge to grow in the space industry. Now, almost twenty years later, I have had the opportunity to work at the European Space Agency for a variety of different assignments which included a research on how to grow plants in Moon and Mars rocks and gravity. I would recommend Space Camp Turkey to anyone who is young and interested in space!  ~ Arno den Toom, Plant Biotechnologist.


Hi Beth! It's Clara! For homework I was supposed to write you a letter about the best things that happened to me at Space Camp Turkey: I had a wonderful time at Space Camp and my favorite thing that we did was the Mission because although I was really really busy with all the buttons in the ISS,I was still able to enjoy it and it gave much more confidence in myself. I also loved doing the Multi Axis Trainer because I always love climbing and swinging on trees and this was like a better more fun and faster way of doing that! The food at Space Camp was delicious so that was always a good thing to look forward to :)! The counselors and staff were really nice and patient. I love Space Camp! Thank you!

Astronaut| U.S.A 

The space campers of today are the scientists, engineers and diplomats of tomorrow. The interest in science and the international outlook they develop here at Space Camp Turkey will benefit all of us in the future. And, most importantly, it's fun.

Student - Age 10 | Ankara 

The simulators are the coolest thing ever. My favoritte simulator is the Multi-Axis Trainer. This simulator shows how free-falling in space would feel like. In the mission I was Mission Scientis and it was really exciting. I hope next year I can go back to Space Camp Turkey again.

General Manager | Bak Ambalaj, İstanbul 

Thank you for non-stop attention and interest you showed us during the "Adult Space Academy Incentive Program" which helped all of us to strengthen "teamwork" among our employees.

Student -Age 12 | Greece

There are many labs and activities that are fun and exciting. Space Camp Turkey is not only a learning experience but it lets us get closer together with kids from different countries...

Mathematic and Science Teacher |  Taşkent International School , Uzbekistan

Only here I could realize that Space is a common place for all mankind, where there are no borders, where people don’t fight with each other. Instead they investigate space together. And the first night when they show us the theater documentary about spaceships, they emphasized international cooperation…

Teacher 49 School| Sofia, Bulgaria 

The Space Camp Turkey program is incredible. There is everything in it: interesting lectures about space and cosmonauts, exciting activities, space missions, training, and of course great professionals.

Student- Age 12| Istanbul, Turkey 

It was one of the greatest weeks of my life. I had fun and learned a lot about space. This program is a great way to make friendships from different countries and learn about their cultures.I am deeply grateful that my parents sent me over here. I couldn’t have asked for more...

Lawyer, L. Coordinator, and Chaperone|Aristotales Youth Organization Athens, Greece

Thanks to the perfect organization of all the responsibles of the Space Camp Turkey, one by one put a “stone” to what we call Friendship, Greek and Turkish, Turkish and Greek, Uzbek and Greek or Turkish…, it doesn’t have any borders!

Chaperones| Israel 

As a pediatric occupational therapist as well as a mom, I’ve been involved in such programs. This was the most amazing one and the one I enjoyed the most. First, the organization of the program, the structure of the work, the ability to combine playful activities with learning captured my attention the most. Beyond the learning part, I noticed a high level of safety and care about the kids. All of our kids felt very secure and highly supported by the team. This is an extra ordinary experience and I highly recommend this program to all children.

English Teacher| 49 Middle School B.Huares Sofia, Bulgaria 

“For me as a teacher it is the “golden” opportunity to see and share the methods how I should work with children in really rare science demonstrations. For students “space camp” is a challenge and experiment all together in astronomy, in physics and English. But the most important part is that they have to see each other in multicultural environment. They are really excited, they are happy and they work in a team with children from other countries.”

Reporter | Saudi Gazette, S.Arabia 

In my journalism mission here from Aug.13 - 17, 2003, I enjoyed working with you and making new relationships with kind people from different parts of the world. The Space Camp Turkey staff, facilities, time management, food, everything were excellent. You have treated me like I was your own brother. I wish to see the days when we can give back to you for your generosity.

Teacher| Dostyk American International School 

"I would like to thank you for all of your efforts to make the Space Camp special for our students. The program you offered was wonderful. The little things like providing the birthday cake for one of our students during the camp made it that much more special. Your efforts were very much appreciated. I would like to extend a personal thanks for the hospitality you showed Suzie and I. Our visits at camp and the trip into Izmir and the nice lunch will be remembered fondly. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you again on our next study tip to Turkey and the Space Camp."

Teacher| Kuwait 

"I will tell other schools here about Space Camp, because it is such an important program. The children had a great time. At the airport, they were saying, “Can’t we just go back?” I feel the same."

Ph.D., Director| The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel 

On behalf of all the our Israeli students I would like to thank you and the devoted Space Camp Turkey team for the marvelous time they had during the two Space Camp weeks. Miri, the chaperone of the second delegation, much like her predecessors (and) she described how happy and joyful were all the participants. She mentioned also the friendly attitude among the participants and the staff. Finally she noted the kind, helpful and warm organization of all the staff. My special thanks also to Mr. Kaya and Mary Tuncer for this wonderful program.

President of Euxeinos Leshin Filaton| Greece 

..In passing days of our stay we discovered how organized this camp is and it has to do nothing to the ordinary camps. Everything is settled to detail. The hospitality approaches are to the highest standards. The staff is very polite, the food is very good but the most important is that the knowledge that is offered by Space Camp Turkey is above all. The counselors give the children the highest education about space and technology that man discovered by teaching them in groups in which take part kinds from different countries, cultures and languages helping them to be friends with each other and to built relationship and friendship between them. All the program is focused on the target of transferring knowledge and education to the children and I believe that in this way what is written in the entrance of Space Camp Turkey “GELECEÐÝN LÝDERLERÝ BURADAN DOÐAR – FUTURE LEADERS ARE BORN HERE – OI HTETEΣ TOY MEMONTOΣ TENNIOYNTAT EDO” will be done for sure.

Ozdilek Shopping Centers & Textile Industry Co.-Director Candidate| Ýzmir,Turkey 

The team spirit that was formed and the time management training were very constructive.

Teachers| Dubai International Academy, Dubai, UAE 

Thank you for a wonderful camp that was marked by exciting learning opportunities, hospitality, friendly staff, and personal care from all counselors and camp employees. All our students and accompanying staff members felt that Space Camp Turkey was an educational and exhilarating experience that was loads of fun. Our students learnt and developed skills related to teamwork, leadership, communication, space exploration, critical thinking, science, math, and technology. All students were sad to leave at the end of the 5 day camp. We were very impressed with the knowledge of the counselors and their ability to relate to our students. We are grateful for the commitment and warmth displayed by Space Camp employees who took care of our staff members. The students, administrators, teachers, and parents who were involved in this years Space Camp experience, all unanimously agree that Space Camp is definitely something we want to put permanently on our school calendar.

Teacher| International School of Azerbaijan 

Thank you so much for organizing what is being called at our school ‘the best trip ever’. Since our return to school the students have been so excited ad enthusiastic about the experience that our school will now put 2 Space Camp Turkey trips a year permanently on our school calendar. One for the Primary School, and one for the Secondary School. Incorporating the trips to Ephesus and Izmir into the Space Camp experience has meant we can offer our students an excellent educational experience through Space Camp Turkey and as an accompanying teacher on the Space Camp experience I cannot express enough how much of a wonderful educational and fun experience it has been for our students. Keep up the excellent work you are all doing and a big hi from the students of TISA.

Student-Age 13| Poland 

[During my time at Space Camp Turkey] I noticed that my English got much better. I was able to communicate with people from other countries more easily and talked to them about everything. [I] learnt about space not only from lectures, but also by working in a team – which is really important.

Teacher| Tennessee, U.S.A 

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this program. To see it in action is phenomenal. I have seen the children grow emotionally and socially in ways I never imagined. You are planting the seeds of knowledge, open-mindedness and worldwide acceptance. Congratulations for a wonderful accomplishment.

President of Boeing Turkey| Ankara, Turkey 

Space Camp Turkey is truly an inspiring place where kids have the opportunity to learn and explore in a fun atmosphere. It is a great investment in the future that stimulates young people’s interest in the study of math, science, technology and aviation. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm these students have for space and aviation, and I hope some of them are now inspired to become future engineers.

Student - Age 14| Bolu, Turkey 

The Space Camp has been an asset to me. Everything was very beautiful and very entertaining. There is another life at the Space Camp. It both taught me and entertained me. I feel very lucky to be able to come here.

Student - Age 14| Ankara, Turkey 

The Space Camp is a great opportunity for those that are interested in it. The most important thing that drew my attention at the camp was that the program was implemented with great care.

Student| Greece 

Space Camp Turkey has been an unforgettable experience for me. We were a great group and went to a fantastic place. [The program] was very well organized so we learned a lot of new and interesting things about Space, astronomy and space travel.

Student| Greece 

…[Space Camp Turkey gave me] the opportunity not only to broaden my horizons about space exploration and science in general, but also to learn about different cultures from children from the United States of America, Turkey, Poland, France and last, but not least Jordan. By doing so I created strong bonds with children from all these nations, with whom I still keep contact even in daily basis, through the Internet. All of these would have never happened without the great contribution of Kaya Tuncer.

Teacher| Dubai, U.A.E 

This was the first time that JESS (Jumeirah English Speaking School) students had gone to Space camp and they all had a one of the best experiences. The students learnt a range of different skills and all staff were extremely helpful. I was impressed with the range of activities and all of the students were raving about the range of food available. This is a trip that JESS students will definitely do again and again.

Outstanding Camper Award Winner| Bulgarian 

My name is Tatyana, I am 15 years old and I am from Bulgaria. I was 7 years old, when I found that I don’t want to be the same as the children with whom I go to school, play games or just pass through them on the street. I wanted to be unique. The most unique thing I found was space, so that is why I am in love with every single star in this Universe. Space Camp is the shortcut to the Space. You can make your dreams come true, you can try simulators and maybe for one moment you can imagine or believe in yourself that you CAN go out of this planet. You can be an astronaut! I am really thankful to everyone, who helped me to be part of Space Camp and this magic! If you want to become a cosmic child, Space Camp is the place!

Student| Bulgarian 

"My Space Camp Turkey adventure was so overwhelming that I am still processing my experience. I learned so many new things about space and science - we created our own rockets and launched them, learned how the astronauts grow vegetables in space and also participated in a special mission with the Discovery shuttle. I had some knowledge about the rockets, the astronauts, the ISS but learned more from the Space Camp counselors and also enjoyed the video call with Mr. Ed Van Cise, NASA Flight Director. Space Camp Turkey will always be one of my special memories and I feel grateful for the opportunity to learn new things, meet new friends and make a step forward to make my dreams come true."