Minecraft New Horizons

(Ages 9-13)

Date Ages Price
English July 9-13 $440
Turkish July 9-13 $410
    • Prices are subject to change.
    • Tuition includes: meals, accommodation, t-shirt, hat, and educational program materials.
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Minecraft New Horizons Activities

The Minecraft New Horizons Program helps campers to prepare themselves for the future workplace by improving their skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and systematical thinking. The program will also ensure the campers that they understand the basics of sustainable life on Mars.

Minecraft’s open learning environment give campers the freedom to experiment, encouraging creative self-expression and problem-solving. The program also helps campers to learn 21st-century skills and knowledge of various STEAM curriculum standards.

Project Image

Campers have the opportunity to design their own virtual worlds as you see in the video above.

Through the Minecraft New Horizons Program’s curriculum, the campers will be able to:

  • Learn in an immersive Minecraft world that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving.
  • Understand how to get started using Minecraft
  • Understand how to survive on Mars and what dangers one would face.
  • Understand how to create a sustainable colony on Mars.
  • Connect to popular learn-to-code platforms and engage deeply with computer science concepts as they design and create with Code Builder.
  • Learn to work collaboratively as a team to complete a variety of tasks.
Project Image
  • Use critical thinking to decide how to allocate limited resources to build a colony capable of responding to potential challenges and setbacks.
  • Work as a team to create a 3D model of Mars Colony.
  • Discovering Generation Mars at our brand new exhibit with realistic Mars Colony Modules and 3D Mapping Technology
  • Use of all the astronaut simulators (*)
  • Virtual Reality Adventure with the Hurricane 360 VR Simulator
  • 3 dimension space adventure with the Riot 3D Ride Simulator
  • Construct and launch a single-stage model rocket
  • The introduction of space suits
  • Gaze upon the Moon’s craters where Apollo modules landed, Jupiter’s distinct swirling stripes, Saturn’s famous rings, and shimmering constellations through our 10-inch telescope through our rooftop observatory
  • Studying constellations and their positions in the sky with our Planetarium

Minecraft New Horizons Space Station Mission

This activity is the highlight of the program!

  • During our simulated space station missions, campers are assigned special positions (such as Commander on the Space Shuttle Discovery, Flight Director inside Mission Control, or Flight Engineer in our Space Station).
  • Each member of the team is integral to the success of the mission. If a team member neglects a vital duty or assignment, it may have an adverse effect on the outcome of the flight.
  • Participants learn how to effectively communicate with one another, solve problems together, and work as a team to ensure overall success of the mission.