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Program Date Age Range Price (Per Person)
Turkish July-August 7-15 20$
English July-August 7-15 26$
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The participants will be informed about the subjects below:

  • The Flight process of Space Shuttles and Space Station
  • Design using electronic circuit components and imagination
  • Observation of NASA designed Astronaut Training Simulators
  • Basic concepts of science
  • Space suits
  • Growing plants in space
  • Constellations and their positions in the sky via our Planetarium
  • Properties of Mars
  • Living and working in space



13.45 Arrival / Program Orientation

14.00 MaKey MaKey Station

14.30 Agriculture in Space / Mars Tour

14.45 Training Center Tour*

  • Multi-Axis Trainer
  • Space Station Mobility Trainer
  • 1/6th Gravity Chair
  • Zero-Gravity Wall
  • Manned Maneuvering Unit
  • 5 Degrees of Freedom Chair

15.15 Planetarium

15.45 Discovery Space Shuttle, Mission Control and Space Station Tour

16.00 Space Suits

16.15 Living in Space

16.45 Strange Science / Simulator Show

17.00 Departure

Family Space Camp Tour

Space Camp Action Tour

Space Camp Action Tour

The Space Camp Action Tour is a fun and educational experience, where participants get the chance to observe our astronaut training simulators and foster consciousness about several scientific queries.

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