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Space Camp Türkiye, one of only two space camps globally, has inaugurated its updated facility designed with a safe and eco-friendly building concept. It also introduced a new training module featuring the Aurora Space Vehicle, which NASA intends to deploy for crewed Mars missions in the 2030s. This program, a first in Türkiye, provides participants in Izmir the chance to engage in simulations of manned Mars missions.

During the inaugural ceremony, Izmir Governor Süleyman Elban praised the Space Camp for its role in expanding Türkiye's perspective on space, and said, "Establishing such a camp and creating this type of facility, which upholds Atatürk's belief that 'the future is in the skies', offers a tremendous educational opportunity for our children, 100 years after it was envisioned." He expressed appreciation for the late Kaya Tuncer, who made it possible to have such a unique facility in Izmir, unlike many other countries, and remembered him fondly. Elban noted that advanced nations are heavily investing in space exploration. "It's critical that we educate our children in line with this century-old vision and instill this awareness in them. I place great importance on how this camp instills confidence and knowledge in our future generations. I extend my thanks to Dr. Faruk Güler and the entire ESBAŞ team,” he added.

Unique in Turkey Dr. Faruk Güler, Chairman of the ESBAŞ Executive Board, announced that the Aurora Spacecraft and Flight Mission Simulator will be integrated into the Galactic Summer Camp Programs designed for children aged 9-16. "We will conduct interactive flights to Mars and the Moon using the Aurora capsule simulator, which NASA plans to utilize for its Mars missions in the 2030s," he stated. The program, running from June through August, will allow children to partake in Turkey’s first and only interplanetary flight simulator and learn about the planned NASA Mars missions of the 2030s. "The simulator will not only impart technical knowledge consistent with technological advancements but also equip participants with vital skills like problem solving, teamwork, and time management," he added.

Güler emphasized that Space Camp Türkiye, founded by the late Kaya Tuncer to widen the horizons of children and youth worldwide with space and science, has welcomed 55,000 participants from 275 countries so far. "Space Camp Türkiye continues to thrive as a global center for space and science education, not only for Turkish children but also for children around the world. We remain committed to monitoring developments in space technologies and incorporating them into our educational offerings. Our camp encourages students to pursue their space-related curiosities and to keep searching for answers to their profound questions," he noted.

Facility Now Produces Safe, Renewable Energy Tolga Yıldırım, Space Camp Türkiye Group Manager, mentioned the launch of the Aurora Space Vehicle and Flight Mission Simulator coincided with the 87th birthday of ESBAŞ and Space Camp Türkiye’s founder, the late Kaya Tuncer. Yıldırım noted that recent updates at Space Camp Turkey aren’t limited to just Aurora. "After a pause in our training programs, we've upgraded our facility to meet current earthquake safety standards and have transitioned to green energy. The energy needs of our facility are now met by solar panels installed on our roof, ensuring it operates on safe, renewable energy," he explained.

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