The measures taken by our institution were determined by evaluating the circulars published by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of National Education, Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee based in Türkiye. Space Camp Türkiye will start the new period with new measures and procedures to keep its participants, visitors and employees safe and healthy.

Space Camp Türkiye COVID-19 Procedures

  • All camp staff was provided with comprehensive training on COVID-19 and preventive measures by our workplace physicians and OHS specialists.
  • By keeping doors and windows open within the activity areas, natural ventilation is provided regularly for 24 hours.
  • Antibacterial liquid soap is used in toilet and shower areas. Hand dryers used in addition to disposable paper towels are excluded.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations are located in the common areas of the facility.
  • Regarding overnight programs, the participant’s body temperature are measured with non-contact digital thermometers during the program registration. An Antigen and / or a PCR test will be provided for a fee, if the participant has clinical complaints and/or his/her temperature is above 37.8ºC while entering the camp and if requested by the camp physician.
  • Regarding overnight programs, temperature of the participants will be taken if need be and participants who have a fever above 37.8 ° C and / or who have respiratory distress and symptoms of cough will be separated from the program as a precaution and reported to the camp doctor.
  • Participants will be reminded to wash their hands frequently and not to share their food, drink and personal belongings.
  • Maintenance, cleaning and filter changes of the central heating-cooling systems operated to provide fresh air circulation are made in accordance with the procedure.
  • Air exchange is provided every 7.5 minutes by using 2000 m3/hour capacity Heat Recovery Devices in Space Camp Türkiye dormitories which are air-conditioned with VRV air conditioning systems.
  • If participants who show COVID or influenza symptoms and tested positive prior to the start date of the camp program, the program fee will be refunded upon submission of the test result.
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