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Program Date Age Range Price (Per Person)
Turkish 13-15 595$
English 13-15 640$
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The Semester Space Explorers with Robotics Program includes performing a simulated Space Shuttle Mission along with building a robot and participating in our Robotics Competition. These activities teach and encourage teamwork, problem-solving skills, and introduce campers to the world of programming and engineering.

Upon completion of the robotics curriculum, campers will be able to:

  • Explain the practical application of robotics technology in past, present, and future in humanity’s effort to further our knowledge both here on Earth and in space
  • Cooperate with peers to solve difficult problems
  • Discuss the roles of engineers and programmers in the robotic design process
  • Participate in a one hour simulated Space Station Mission
  • Experience the astronaut training simulators(*)
  • Construct and launch a single-stage model rocket
  • Project Image
  • Enjoy the challenge of interactive problem-solving exercises in our “Area 51” Space Camp Turkey’s unique team-building course
  • Gaze upon the Moon’s craters where Apollo modules landed, Jupiter’s distinct swirling stripes, Saturn’s famous rings, and shimmering constellations through our 10-inch telescope through our rooftop observatory
  • Locate and name the constellations and stars in our planetarium
  • Discover the various history of NASA’s space suits through the different space programs
  • Develop problem solving, time management, and teamwork skills
  • Observe and understand how plants can grow without soil (hydroponics) and take home a sample of your own
  • Learn about the history of space exploration
  • Watch educational and entertaining films in our cinema and understand what it’s like to live and work in space
  • Problem çözme, zaman yönetimi ve takım çalışması yeteneklerini geliştirmeye yönelik aktiviteler
Semester Space Explorers With Robotics


The simulators are the coolest thing ever. My favoritte simulator is the Multi-Axis Trainer. This simulator shows how free-falling in space would feel like. In the mission I was Mission Scientis and it was really exciting. I hope next year I can go back to Space Camp Turkey again.

Student - Age 10 | Ankara
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