The measures taken by Space Camp Turkey concerning the Covid-19 virus were determined by evaluating the circulars published by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee based in Turkey. Space Camp Turkey will start the new period with new measures and procedures to keep its participants, visitors and employees safe and healthy.

These new measures and procedures include the following topics.

1 - General Precautions

  • All camp staff was provided with comprehensive training on COVID-19 and preventive measures by our workplace physicians and OHS specialists; working areas are organized with respect to these measures.
  • By keeping doors and windows open within the activity areas, natural ventilation is provided regularly for 24 hours.
  • Hygienic mats with disinfectant pool are placed at the visitors and staff entrances.
  • Before the camp program starts, all participants will be informed about social distance, rules to be followed, hygiene measures and general measures; the alerts will be replayed throughout the program with information screens and visual reminders within the facility.
  • Guests will not be accepted to visit the camp participants.
  • All cleaning instructions were renewed as part of the measures taken. Frequency of cleaning and disinfection, especially in common areas and at the frequent contact points, has been increased. Disinfection is carried out by the disinfection team once a week, using the Nano-silver technology throughout the building and also using the ULV device for comprehensive fogging.
  • Antibacterial liquid soap is used in toilet and shower areas. Hand dryers used in addition to disposable paper towels are excluded.
  • Arrangements have been made in the program flow in order to reduce the number of times teams encounter each other.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations are located in the common areas of the facility.
  • It is made compulsory to wear a mask for all staff and an extra visor for counselors; “Hygienic Waste” collection areas, which do not require physical contact by hand, have been created for mask and glove waste.
  • Seating arrangements were created according to the social distance rule; activity areas are planned out to have 1 person for every 4 square meters.

2 - Measures to be Taken During Program Registration

  • Under the Republic of Turkey Presidential Circular (2020/8), a letter of undertaking will be requested from all participant candidates stating that they do not have a chronic disease that is considered to be in the risk group. (A report can be obtained from the “e-nabız” website for the Turkish participants or a physician can be consulted.)
  • Chronic diseases in the risk group for chronic COVID-19 disease determined by the Ministry of Health with regard to the Republic of Turkey Presidential Circular (2020/8) are as follows; patients still receiving immunosuppressive therapy, cancer patients receiving metastatic and / or chemotherapy / radiotherapy, solid organ transplantation except cornea transplant, patients with bone marrow / stem cell transplantation, patients with chronic obstructive or destructive pulmonary disease or history of status asthmaticus, insulin-dependent diabetes and complicated (cerebrovascular, coronary, kidney, polyneuropathy) non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus patients, complicated hypertension (cerebrovascular, kidney, congestive heart failure), patients with decompensated heart failure, patients with acute coronary syndrome, chronic liver and kidney failure, and cerebrovascular disease (stroke , bleeding).
  • A written undertaking will be requested from the participants, stating that they do not have any diseases in the risk group associated with COVID-19, did not come in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the past 14 days, and do not carry symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and headache, shortness of breath, diarrhea, vomiting, body aches.
  • The number of participants in the teams created during the program has been reduced, with 12 people in daily programs, and 10 people in accommodated programs.
  • No one (parent, participant, chaperone, etc.) will be allowed to enter the facility without a face mask.
  • Participants are requested to change their face masks before entering the camp. They are also required to bring sufficient number of face masks that would allow them to switch to a new face mask once every 3 hours during the program.
  • Participants will be provided an opportunity to change their face masks after entering the camp and disinfect their hands (or wash them with soap and water) in the areas pointed out to them.
  • Non-contact fever measurement will be carried out by the healthcare personnel at the registration stage to be held at the camp. Students whose fever is above 37.8 ° C will not be admitted to the camp.
  • Parents and / or chaperones will not be allowed to enter the facility and / or wait for the program to end within the facility.

3 - Measures to be Taken During the Program

  • All participants are required to wear face masks. All participants will make 1 face mask change every 3 hours. The used face masks will be collected in the hygienic waste boxes at the facility under the supervision of authorized personnel.
  • Temperature of the participants will be taken during the day and participants who have a fever above 37.8 ° C and / or who have respiratory distress and symptoms of cough will be separated from the program as a precaution and reported to the workplace doctor.
  • Participants will be reminded to wash their hands frequently and not to share their food, drink and personal belongings.Space Camp Turkey has taken all necessary measures in its cafeteria in accordance with the rules of social distance. In the seating arrangement, the distance between the tables is at least 1.5 meters, between the opposite chairs is 1 meter, and between the chairs side by side is 60 cm.

(For Accommodated Programs)

  • The maximum number of students staying in a single dormitory has been reduced to 12 people.
  • Guest teachers are not allowed to share a room together.
  • Maintenance, cleaning and filter changes of the central heating-cooling systems operated to provide fresh air circulation are made in accordance with the procedure.
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