Program Content

Program Date Age Range Price (Per Person)
Turkish August 16-18 240$
English August 16-18 270$
Check In: Thursday 10.00-10.30
Check Out: After the graduation ceremony at 16.00 on Friday

You can view the measures we have taken as Space Camp Turkey due to COVID-19 on our "COVID-19 Precautions" page.

It is a winter and summer camp program organized for young people aged 16-18. Program prices are for the period with the highest price and will vary according to the date to be selected.


With the Astro Adventure Youth Camp, high school students between the ages of 16-18 are given hands-on training in space sciences and technologies.

The Astro Adventure Youth Camp created for young people helps high school students gain experiences that will be important in their future university education and career choices. Astro - Adventure Youth Camp provides important gains for those who are considering a career in social sciences as well as young people interested in space issues.

The program offers hands-on experiences designed to convey important concepts to young people. Sample activities that will allow participants to improve their scientific knowledge:

  • Virtual spaceflight mission with Space Shuttle Discovery and Space Station simulators
  • Workshops with 3D printers
  • Space suits and their importance
  • Telescope sky observation and astronomy
  • Positional astronomy training in digital starhouse
  • Use of 4 NASA designed astronaut simulator(*)

Space Station Mission

It is the most impressive and special activity of the program.

In this activity, where the work done in real space shuttle missions is simulated, each team member is given duties such as the commander in the space shuttle Discovery, flight engineer in the Space Station modules and flight manager in the ground control center.

Each task requires different degrees of responsibility and leadership. If a team member neglects an important responsibility or duty, this may result in the failure of the entire flight mission.

Galactic Summer Camp

Galactic Summer Camp

Galactic Summer Camp is an international summer science camp program specially created for students aged 9-15. The scientific and entertaining activities taking place at the Galactic Summer Camp offer a unique opportunity for children to make the best out of their summer holidays, learn while having fun and make new friends.

Outer Space Adventure

Outer Space Adventure

It is a summer and winter camp program for children aged 9-15. In the Outer Space Adventure program, teamwork is encouraged with space simulations and...

Customized Outer Space Adventure

Customized Outer Space Adventure

It is a winter and summer camp program organized for children and youth from the 9-18 age group. Its content and duration can be changed and it is especially preferred by school groups.

Family Space Camp

Family Space Camp

It is a weekend program where a child between the ages of 7-10 participates with one of their parents (or a companion over the age of 18). While adults observe the self-confidence development of their children, they participate in interesting activities and ride simulators with their children.

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