The Space Camp Action Tour is a fun and educational experience, where participants get the chance to observe our astronaut training simulators and understand an overview of:

  • Newton’s Third Law of Motion and how it’s used to understand space travel
  • Where and how to experience 1/6th gravity and weightlessness
  • Why astronauts exercise in space
  • Why astronauts require space suits
  • How and why we grow plants in space
  • The thermal protection systems of the different space programs
  • Engaging, scientific, space-related experiments!

08.50 Arrive to Space Camp Turkey / Program Orientation

09.00 Multi-Axis Trainer (MAT) / Space Station Mobility Trainer (SSMT)

09.15 Discovery Space Shuttle, Mission Control Room, and Space Station Tour

09.30 1/6th Micro Gravity Chair / Zero-G Wall (ZERO G)

09.45 Suit Me Up

10.00 Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) / 5 Degrees of Freedom (5DF) Chair

10.15 Thermal Protection System (TPS) / Hydroponics Laboratory / Generation Mars Interactive Exhibit

10.30 Simulator Show* / Strange Science

10.45 Departure from Space Camp Turkey

Space Camp Action Tour

Dates and Prices

Program Name Education Language Age Range List Price Session Price Application
Space Camp Action Tour TR 7-17 15$ 15$ Request Form

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