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Program Date Age Range Price
Turkish Adult 70$
English Adult 70$
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  • Program is focused on increasing the teamwork among the participants.
  • Incentive programs for adults are conducted by Space Camp Turkey staff.
  • This program is organized for 32 participants. In the event of less participation, the group will be charged for 32 attendees.If requested, 1 company official can accompany the group for observation free of charge.
  • Accommodation at Space Camp Turkey is optional.
  • Customized incentive program fees are determined according to the requested educational content, meals and accommodation at Space Camp Turkey.
  • Astronaut training simulators, space station missions and meals can be arranged for a two day program. Please contact the Reservations Department for detailed information.


09.00 Arrive to Space Camp Turkey / Program Orientation

09.15 Mission Orientation / Mission Positions

09.30 Star Lab

10.00 Mission Training

10.30 Coffee Break

10.45 Training Center Tour

  • Simulators (*)
  • Hydroponics Laboratory
  • Mars Explorer Rover
  • Generation Mars Interactive Exhibit
  • Zero-G Wall
  • 1/6th Micro Gravity Chair
  • Multi-Axis Trainer
  • Space Station Mobility Trainer

11.45 Mission

13.00 Departure from Space Camp Turkey

Incentive Programs

Social Activities

Rocket Construction
Area 51 (Mission Impossible)
Apollo 15
Apollo 15
Virtual Reality Simulators
Virtual Reality Simulators

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