Space Camp Turkey has been operating since 2000 as an ESBAŞ Aegean Free Zone Development and Operating Co. enterprise.

Space Camp Turkey works in line with the Integrated Management Systems implemented at ESBAŞ. Within this scope, it holds ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certificates. It is certified and regularly audited by BSI. Furthermore, our organization has been implementing the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Management Model since 2012 and was awarded the "2017 Turkey Excellence Award" at the 26th National Quality Congress.

We have an Emergency Management Method in line with the systems we are implementing. This method covers action plans, stakeholders that may be affected by possible emergencies, our emergency teams that will take part in response activities and the work to be carried out in emergencies that occur. According to the method, separate Emergency Action Plans have been prepared for Fire, Explosion, Earthquake, Sabotage, Major Work Accident, Flood, Chemical Spillage, Epidemic Diseases/Mass Effects, Aircraft Crash, etc.

In addition, Emergency Risk Analysis, Evacuation Method, Evacuation Plans, Emergency Communication Scheme, Duties and Responsibilities of Emergency Teams are defined. Personnel are trained on emergency situations and trainings are repeated periodically.

The evacuation of children whose training and care we are responsible for is carried out by counselors and other staff on duty. There are separate evacuation plans for each floor and a designated assembly area. In case of a possible emergency, a "mandatory drill" is held on the first day of attendance and our counselors show our campers the escape routes and emergency exits in the Emergency Evacuation Plan.

# Program Name Check In Check Out
1 Galactic Summer Camp Sunday 2-4 pm Saturday after 10:30 am graduation
2 Journey to Stars Family Camp Saturday 1-2 pm Sunday after 15:00 am graduation
3 Outer Space Adventure Friday 3-4 pm Sunday after 9:00 am graduation
4 Jorney to Mars Friday 12 pm Sunday after 11:00 am graduation
5 Minecraft New Horizons Sunday 3-4 pm Wednesday after 10.30 am graduation
6 Astro-Adventure Thursday 10-10.30 am Friday after 4 pm graduation

Please note that we offer customized programs. Check in and check out times will differ from those above.

Early Bird Discounts

Galactic Summer Camp

10% Discount for participants who register and pay full by May 31, 2023. Applicants must reside in Turkey.

Special Discounts

  • In cases where one or more child from the same family attends the Semester Space Explorers, Semester Space Explorers With Robotics, or Galactic Summer Camp program, the first child to attend will be charged full price and each sibling who participates in the same program during the same period will receive a 10% discount. In order to receive the discount, both family members (brother/sisters) need to fax or e-mail copies of their identity cards to the Reservations Department.
  • For group reservations of at least 10 participants for accommodation programs outside the Family Space Camp Program, one chaperone can attend free of charge for every 10 participants.

Payment by Installments

Those who reside in Turkey and have a credit card belonging to İş Bank, VakıfBank or the interbank Bonus card platform can register to the accommodated programs by paying in 6 installments without any maturity. (In case of individual payment, installments are also available for group reservations.)
For information on how to pay by installments in case of payment by mail order method
Phone: +90 232 252 35 00 (Ext: 301/302)


  • Discounts cannot be combined.
  • Discounts cannot be applied to extra fees regarding accommodation, food, and transportation, etc.

No. Applicants may only take advantage of one discount.

All of our programs are offered in English and Turkish primarily for ages 9-15.

Galactic Summer Camp is similar to the school year programs, but includes more social time such as pool activities, special events night, and BBQ party in our recreational park.

Yes, please let us know when you register. Requests must be mutual, so please make sure the friend requests your child as well. We do our best to honor all requests but they are not guaranteed.

No.  The only requirements are language proficiency and the desire to learn and have fun.

Our education staff (Turkish and International) consists of college graduates and undergraduates. Some are majoring in astronomy and physics, while others are pursuing masters and doctorate degrees in various educational programs. We ensure that all staff can work well with children before a staff position is given to them.

Parents can participate in the Journey to the Stars Family Camp program with their children. Accommodation is not provided within the scope of the Journey to the Stars Family Camp program. Participants are required to make their own accommodation and transfer plans.

Yes, there is always a counselor in charge on duty as well as a supervisor incase any problems arise.

Yes, if your child has any dietary restrictions please make sure to mention it on the ‘health form’ so we may notify our kitchen staff. We do our best to accommodate trainees with special dietary requirements. If the requirement exceeds our capabilities, trainees are welcome to bring their own food and/or pay the additional cost of meeting those needs.

There is a nurse on duty at all times and an eight-bed infirmary in the camp. The nurse will administer all medicine as prescribed on the package.

On the weekdays between 8.00am-6.00pm, health problems are treated by our camp doctor. Outside normal working hours, there is a camp doctor who can come to the camp if the nurse and/or camp doctor deems it necessary.

Children, in cases deemed necessary by the camp doctor, can be transferred urgently to a hospital that is contracted with Space Camp Turkey and located very close to the camp. There is a 112 emergency ambulance station located near the camp.

The amount of money to bring is up to you. All the meals during the camp session are included in the tuition cost. We have a vending machine that only works with Turkish Liras for the students that wish to buy chips, candy bars or ice cream. 

You may call +90 232 252 3500. Our security guard will answer and notify the supervisor on duty to connect you with your child.

No.  After your child completes the check-in process, he/she will become a member of a team and is expected to participate in every activity throughout the program. We want your child to get a true “away from home” experience, therefore we discourage your child from leaving our facility unless it is a family emergency.

Participants can only make calls from their own mobile phones (or pay phones on campus) during the time intervals defined as "Prep for day" and "Back to bays" on the schedule. Mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc. are not covered by the insurance and are completely the responsibility of the participants. If lost or stolen, Space Camp Turkey and the Aegean Free Zone Development & Operation Co.  cannot be held accountable in any way.

Participants will wear the clothes they bring with them. It is recommended to bring the following when coming to the camp.

  • Combination or key padlock
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Body soap, deodorant, shampoo, hair brush / comb, hair dryer
  • Sleepwear, underwear, casual clothes
  • Socks, sneakers, slippers
  • Outdoor clothing suited to weather (jacket, sweatshirts)
  • Sunscreen, swimsuit, swimming cap (summer programs only)
  • Phone card
  • Powerbank (if possible)
  • We do not have a currency exchange service at the facility. Please bring your pocket money (Turkish Liras) for the vending machine.
  • Original of the ID card / passport
  • You may bring a mobile phone with you to use at appropriate times. The mobile phones and cameras that you may bring to Space Camp Türkiye with you are not covered by our insurance in case of loss or theft.

Note: We ask that your children do not bring portable music players, laptop computers, tablets and valuables to the camp.
Bed sheets, blanket, pillow, pillowcase and bath towels are provided by Space Camp Türkiye.

Space Camp Turkey is located within the Aegean Free Zone *. Customs inspections are carried out by officers at the entrance and exit of the region. Senior camp staff and a specialized security staff are on-site or on call 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week when camp is in session to ensure the safety of all campers. At no time are campers allowed off site individually or as a group without an accompanying adult. Off-site trips are limited to those included in the program curriculum. Security of personal items is the camper's responsibility. Campers will be assigned a locker to store items of value; however, we suggest that campers do not bring items of high value to camp.

(*)Free zones are special zones that are designed to increase export-oriented investments that are outside the customs territory but within the political boundaries of a country. Since 1990, Aegean Free Zone is a private sector organization with the "Build-Operate-Transfer" model and is operated by Space Camp Turkey's main founder ESBAS Company.

Space Camp Turkey Covid-19 Procedures

  • All camp staff was provided with comprehensive training on COVID-19 and preventive measures by our workplace physicians and OHS specialists.
  • By keeping doors and windows open within the activity areas, natural ventilation is provided regularly for 24 hours.
  • Antibacterial liquid soap is used in toilet and shower areas. 
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations are located in the common areas of the facility.
  • The participant’s body temperature are measured with non-contact digital thermometers during the program registration. An Antigen and / or a PCR test will be provided for a fee, if the participant has clinical complaints and/or his/her temperature is above 37.8ºC while entering the camp and if requested by the camp physician.
  • Temperature of the participants will be taken if need be and participants who have a fever above 37.8 ° C and / or who have respiratory distress and symptoms of cough will be separated from the program as a precaution and reported to the camp doctor.
  • Participants will be reminded to wash their hands frequently and not to share their food, drink and personal belongings.
  • Maintenance, cleaning and filter changes of the central heating-cooling systems operated to provide fresh air circulation are made in accordance with the procedure.
  • Air exchange is provided every 7.5 minutes by using 2000 m3/hour capacity Heat Recovery Devices in Space Camp Turkey dormitories which are air-conditioned with VRV air conditioning systems.
  • If participants who show COVID or influenza symptoms and tested positive prior to the start date of the camp program, the program fee will be refunded upon submission of the test result.

All applicants who have a good understanding of the written and verbal Turkish language may attend this program.

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