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Program Date Age Range Price (Per Person)
Turkish December 18-25 15$
English December 18-25 20$
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Participants observe how astronauts train for space travel through observation of our:

  • NASA-designed astronaut simulators
  • Simulated space station mission
  • Viewing constellations and a virtual night sky with our Digital Planetarium


09.00 Arrival / Program Orientation

09.15 Training Center Tour*

  • Multi-Axis Trainer
  • Space Station Mobility Trainer
  • 1/6th Gravity Chair
  • Zero-Gravity Wall
  • Manned Maneuvering Unit
  • 5 Degrees of Freedom Chair

09.45 Space Station Space Mission Orientation Position Selection

10.00 Space Station Space Mission Orientation

10.30 Space Station Mission

11.30 Planetarium

12.15 Simulator Show

12.30 Departure

University Student Tour

Space Camp Action Tour

Space Camp Action Tour

The Space Camp Action Tour is a fun and educational experience, where participants get the chance to observe our astronaut training simulators and foster consciousness about several scientific queries.

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