..In passing days of our stay we discovered how organized this camp is and it has to do nothing to the ordinary camps. Everything is settled to detail. The hospitality approaches are to the highest standards. The staff is very polite, the food is very good but the most important is that the knowledge that is offered by Space Camp Türkiye is above all. The counselors give the children the highest education about space and technology that man discovered by teaching them in groups in which take part kinds from different countries, cultures and languages helping them to be friends with each other and to built relationship and friendship between them. All the program is focused on the target of transferring knowledge and education to the children and I believe that in this way what is written in the entrance of Space Camp Türkiye “GELECEĞİN LİDERLERİ BURADAN DOĞAR – FUTURE LEADERS ARE BORN HERE – OI HTETEΣ TOY MEMONTOΣ TENNIOYNTAT EDO” will be done for sure.

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