On behalf of the BISI team, thank you for all you work to make Space Camp the highlight of the year for our year 5 kids. They loved it, as they always love it. They talk about it for years.
I am still working on Michael Tarbuk to get him to send the year 8 students. Word has it that he can't do anything 2016-2017 as it is already organised, but the following year is a possibility, if he hasn't forgotten about it by then.
I really noticed this year that Lex, Derek and Cara, in my opinion are the strongest team you have ever had in the 5 years that I have been attending. They were fantastic. As always the kids responded with their usual warmth to the trio but I noticed from a teacher perspective that they really have their discipline and manner with the kids really working beautifully.
I would love to see all 3 again next year. They have a wonderful synergy.
I really can't single out any of the team, because they were such a fantastic team. The three of them are so different in their approach but so professional. I love it. Lex jumps in and sorts things out instantly, the kids love him so much, Derek is always checking what the teachers want and Cara being such a sensitive fun-loving person with the kids but also having the ability to point out boundaries when necessary. These guys really work well as a team. So I'd like them all to stay and teach my kids next year.
I have sent a message to my boss to book for next year. I will get on to her and get back to you with our dates asap.
Thanks for such a wonderful week.
Dave Scarff

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