Dear Mr. Woodham, I meant to write this letter earlier. However, I could find the time at the end of our school year. So please accept my apologies for that. As the principal of Enka Schools I am writing to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding hospitality you showed to our students as well as for the engaging learning activities your team provided during their space camp trip in May. Both students and teachers returned from the camp very happy and inspired. Following the trip students kept talking about the wonderful experiences they had there. Their conversations were about astronauts, rockets, telescopes, planetarium, and space mission etc. It is very obvious that you have a very good program and wonderful staff there. Thank you for making learning engaging, significant, inspirational and fun. Once again we extend our warmest thanks to you, to Cigil Hanim and to other staff. I hope one day we have a chance to meet you in person. Also, we would be honored to have you visit our school. Sincerely yours. 

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