I recently returned from our three day, two night Space Camp Program. I would like to thank Space Camp staff for the excellent experience that my students (and myself) enjoyed whilst there.
We had two fantastic counselors, Lex and Hatice. Lex has an excellent rapport with the students and he 'made' Space Camp for them. He is well mannered, knowledgeable, has good classroom management and a joy for the kids/teachers to be around. I look forward to returning next year and having him as our counselor again.
Hatice was also excellent with classroom management and building a rapport with the students. Her English was fantastic and the girls enjoyed having her as their counselor in the dorms.
I believe that the counselors are vital to the success of the trip for the students. We were lucky to have two of the best!
Thank you to everyone at Space Camp for all the work you do!

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