ESBAŞ (Aegean Free Zone Development and Operating Co.) (“Space Camp Türkiye”) is committed to ensuring that our participants and potential customers make full and safe use of our overnight and daily programs and protecting the privacy of our website visitors. This Space Camp Türkiye Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) has been prepared to ensure processing of the personal data of our members in full compliance with Law no 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as “Law”) and to provide information to our users within this framework. cookies policy is an integral part of this Policy.The purpose of this Policy is to establish the terms and conditions pertaining to the use of personal data shared with Space Camp Türkiye by Portal members/visitors/users (hereinafter referred to all as “Data Owner”) or generated by Space Camp Türkiye during use of the Portal by the Data Owner within operation of website by Space Camp Türkiye.

What Type of Data are Processed?

Below is a list of the data processed by Space Camp Türkiye and are defined as data as per the Law. Unless otherwise stated, the term “personal data” shall refer to the below information as part of the terms and conditions provided in this Policy.

  • User Information
    • User’s; name, middle name, last name, citizenship / passport number, gender, date of birth, age, nationality, address, school name, program type, camp session date, teammate preference, legal guardian’s; office phone, mobile phone, e-mail address and signature. Chaperone’s name, last name, citizenship /passport number, gender, date of birth, age, nationality, address, school name, subject, office phone, mobile phone, e-mail address, camp session dates, dietary restrictions, proximity of chaperone to the child.
    • For transportation: concerning the method of arrival to and departure from Izmir, if it is airline, airline company, flight no, date and time.
    • For healthcare: participant’s; name, last name, citizenship / passport number, date of birth, gender, camp session date, private health insurance information, acute / chronic disease, prescription, medications he / she regularly uses, and written instructions provided by the parent, allergy to food, medicine, metal or  other substances, nutritional compliance constraints, bedwetting habits, signature of the legal guardian. If necessary, medical report of the participant issued by a physician or a health center. Name, last name, diploma number, signature and stamp of the physician.
    • For payments made via mail order: Credit card owner’s name, last name, citizenship number, front and back copy or scanned copy of ID card or driver’s license, mail order form, credit card no, CVV or CVV2 code, validity date and signature.
  • Process Security Information
  • Request/Complaint/Suggestion/Petition Management Information

As per Articles 3 and 7 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, any data, which have been irrevocably anonymized, shall not be recognized as personal data and any processing of such data shall be carried out outside the scope of the terms of this Policy.

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