The special themed Galactic Summer Camp Program of Space Camp Türkiye, which was organized to draw attention to the “World Asteroid Day” which is celebrated on June 30, was completed.

The most prominent event of the program, which was organized between 24-30 June, was Professor Serdar Evren's presentation titled "Celestial Bodies Threatening Our World".

Ege University Faculty of Science, Astronomy and Space Science Department Professor Serdar Evren, who met with a group of 166 people consisting of teachers and students from Malatya, Ankara, Bursa, Içel and Aydın, as well as participants from Russia, Slovenia, Bahrain and France, informed the group that there are lots of tiny space objects wondering around in space and that the event known as a “shooting star” is nothing but tiny meteoroids falling down to Earth. The program for the 9-15 age group taught participants how the size of a meteor and the rate of impact affected the size of the crater by experiments conducted during the week. The students also learned about asteroids, comets, meteorites and the space missions that were conducted for their exploration.

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