I‘m short of words to express the positive impact of the PSSP activities which my students and I had a chance to participate in and carry out and the opportunities the program itself has offered. Starting with the interesting and informative educational online meetings held by the professional staff of GFTSE, experiencing the joy of cognition during the hands-on challenges that were offered with each different topic of the program, and of course the invaluable experience of the PSSP Space Camp. For me, as a teacher and parent, the greatest joy and worth of participating in the PSSP program is to witness how young people – my students - develop and enhance their personalities. Through the accomplishment of STEAM activities they not only acquire new knowledge, but also develop the most important soft skills necessary for their every day life and future workplace: communication skills, emotional intelligence, leadership, flexibility and adaptability and teamwork. If anyone is wondering whether to take part in the PSSP or not – the only doubtless answer should be "YES, definitely“!
Vaida Šiaučiūnė

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