One of the campers’ favorite simulator among NASA Adapted Astronaut Simulators at Space Camp Türkiye, “1/6 Gravity Chair” allowing to feel what it is like to walk on the Moon’s surface, has been updated with a VR headset. The headset and simulator duo, which makes you feel like you are actually on the Moon, will soon be available in different programs.

The 1/6 Gravity Chair simulator, which allows you to experience the feelings of the astronauts walking on the Moon during NASA's Apollo program, was supported by VR headsets that offer 360-degree view with virtual reality technologyIn this way, the images conveyed to the world with the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong's words when he set foot on the Moon years ago which excited all space enthusiasts, are being felt as if they were real with the VR headsetCampers can also take stone and rock samples from the Moon's surface with VR hand controllers during their virtual "Moon" journeys.

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