The very first Türk to go to space in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye.

Turkish space traveler will be sent to International Space Station for scientific researches. One of the 2 candidates to be selected will stay at the station for 10 days.

Applicant qualifications to be the Turkish space traveler;

*Be younger than 45 years old,

*Possess a bachelor's degree from the faculty of education in the fields of Engineering, Physical Sciences, Medicine and/or Fundamental Sciences,

*Has a very good command of English,

*Be 149.5 - 190.5 centimeters tall and 43 - 110 kilograms,

*Complies with the determined health criteria.

Applications will be accepted on "" by 8.23pm June 23, 2022. Verification will be requested through additional information and documents from the candidates who pass the first application phase. Candidates will obtain health tests, be examined and will take English language proficiency tests. The candidate number will be reduced to 2 at the end of all these processes. One of these two candidates will be the first Turk to go to the International Space Station!


AX-1 Mission and Its Importance

AX-1 Mission and Its Importance

With the acceleration of technology and space studies, there has been another first in the recent days. Axiom Space, which is not affiliated with a public space agency such as NASA, ESA, ROSCOSMOS, successfully completed its first mission, AX-1, to the International Space Station with its 4 astronauts.



NASA aims to launch manned missions to the Moon again. Although one of the main goals here may seem to establish a permanent settlement on the lunar surface, the real goal is actually much bigger.



We still do not know exactly what its structure is. It absorbs even the light around it due to its incredible gravitation. It, even considered as a door to an alternative universe according to some theories among thousands of different theories of scientists, is the topic for this issue. What do you think it is?

10 Missions Regarding Space Sciences in 2022

10 Missions Regarding Space Sciences in 2022

We would like to share our first Astro Newsletter via Space Camp Turkey webpage. Activating a new space telescope, deorbiting an asteroid with a spacecraft and exploring a metal-rich asteroid; just some of the main missions that are expected to be completed in 2022...

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