The Galactic Summer Camps of Space Camp Turkey could very well be the ultimate opportunity for a summer vacation for both parents and children at the same time.

The Ultimate Trip Opportunity For Families 

Many consider the International Summer Camps to be the ideal choice when it comes down to picking an educational and fun event for children. But there is one important detail that people seem to overlook. These camps actually create a window of opportunity for parents to embark on a journey that is full of exploration and adventure while their children are having the time of their lives at a summer camp! Of course, this phenomenon gets even better if the summer camp and the parent’s adventurous journey happen to take place within the same geographic region. This has actually been the case for several families that have sent their children to Space Camp Turkey which is located in Izmir. There are several reasons why Izmir is considered as one of the best places to visit in Turkey with the family.

  • Why is Izmir the best option for a family vacation?
  • What are the benefits of participating in Space Camp Turkey's summer camps for children?
  • Why you should send your child to Space Camp Turkey?

City of Izmir

First of all, let us start with the fact that Space Camp Turkey is located in the beautiful Aegean city of Izmir. The city, also known as Smyrna, is the third most populous city in Turkey. It has hosted dozens of different civilizations throughout its long history and for this reason it is full of historical sites. For a list of things to do in Izmir and some brief information, we strongly suggest you check out the website of Municipality of Izmir by clicking here.

Beautiful Spots in Izmir

Secondly, assuming that a potential trip to Izmir would happen during the summer season, for many, it is important to have access to a beach. Fortunately, Izmir has lots of charming seaside towns famous with great beaches such as Cesme, Foca, Dikili, Urla, Gumuldur, Karaburun, Menderes, Alacati, Selcuk and Seferihisar. These beach resort towns are well connected with Izmir city center, also have some of the most popular blue flag beaches around the province.

The Real Winners

So far we have covered why Izmir could be a great travel destination for adults but let’s not forget who the real winner is here; the children who attend Space Camp Turkey’s Summer Camp Programs! The International Summer Camp Programs at Space Camp Turkey go by the name “Galactic Summer Camp” and the name is justified by the countless activities that take place during the week. The scientific and entertaining activities taking place at the Galactic Summer Camp offer a unique opportunity for children to learn while having fun, build new friendships, and make the best out of their summer holidays. Summer science camp activities are held in six-day periods during June-August. Summer camp programs offered in some weeks are differentiated with special themes such as the Apollo Week or the Asteroid Week. Click on the program name to learn more about our Galactic Summer Camp programs.

So, as you can understand from the reasons stated above, for an adult to plan out a holiday for themselves in Izmir while their children have a blast at Space Camp Turkey is a very feasible option. This way, the parents get to travel with their children on the way to Izmir and back. Also, in cases where the child or children have to leave the camp early, the parents are always in considerably close distance. There is nothing more comforting than that. Even though the parents are not allowed to stay/lodge at Space Camp Turkey, they are free to attend the graduation ceremony that takes place at the end of each summer camp program. If you are still not convinced about why you should send your child to Space Camp Turkey, go ahead and check out our blog post titled “5 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child To Space Camp Turkey!”.

To all the adventurous parents out there that are looking to find a fun and entertaining camp program for their child, we encourage you to consider Space Camp Turkey’s International Summer Camp Programs and also advise you to plan out a trip to Izmir for yourselves and enjoy the beauty of this ancient city!

I just wanted to say thank you once again for all of your efforts and care in keeping my daughter healthy and safe. She had an amazing time, she is still talking about the experience and her amazing counsellors. Your team there has left a permanent and positive impression on her. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience you have provided to my child and for the constant reassurance you provided to me, we are most grateful! Thank you again and I look forward to my son having an opportunity to come to your space camp in a few years!

Remi, Dubai - UAE

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